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:: Fudoh – the New Generation

Fudoh - the New Generation is a clunky combination of epic Asian plots, family feuds settled-by-sword and gangland power plays shot through with badly rendered Pulp Fiction-esque Americana. A classic story of familial vengeance is introduced early on, providing the foundation for the relentless bloodbath to follow. Once established, the remaining story is executed by way of short, perfunctory scenes ending in multiple deaths achieved with maximum gore.

The New Generation is lead by Riki Fudoh, son of a domineering Yakuza boss. As a boy, Riki witnessed his father brutally behead his eldest brother, inspiring him to rise to supremacy and kill every last one of his father’s generation of gangland bosses. This aim is achieved through a veritable catalogue of bloodletting including outlandish slapstick; obsessively detailed schlock and American seventies-style point, shoot and annihilate.

Bearing in mind that Fudoh is trashy, mindless and disposable, there are a few engaging ideas, like a band of backpack wearing killer kids who match wide-eyed wonderment with remorseless extermination. But don’t be fooled, these flourishes are few and far between. Not surprisingly, the female ‘characters’ are downright two-dimensional. Riki’s school doubles as his headquarters, providing ample opportunity to exploit imagery of sexed-up, porcelain-skinned schoolgirl assassins. Its worth noting that Hollywood films like Kill Bill reference Asian ideas (foxy schoolgirl killers) but western interpretations fall well shy of Japanese excess.

Stemming from a long line of Japanese pop culture that revels in extremes; sex and violence are unashamedly given full frontal treatment and as such it would be a mistake to take Fudoh too seriously. It’s by no means artful filmmaking, with bad writing, cliched moments, stilted acting and some cheesy ideas posing as adroit. That said, it provides a fascinating insight into the more lurid tendencies of the culture from which it originates (the pea gun scene rates particular mention). But Fudoh is hardly mainstream and is likely to attract a very specific audience who quite happily sign-up for the mayhem, blood and general depravity.

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