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:: Fun and Fancy Free

This is quite an enjoyable film. It is Disney’s 9th full-length animated film and is the last time that Walt Disney was the voice of Mickey Mouse. There are two stories: Bongo and Mickey & the Beanstalk. It’s also the only film that features Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket together.

The DVD contains a simple 16-question trivia game, a music video for Lou Bega’s ‘Disney Mambo No.5’ – takes his song and replaces lyrics with family friendly lines about traditional Disney characters. I’m not sure whether this was really necessary, but it will be considered catchy enough.

The bonus feature is ‘The Story Behind Fun and Fancy Free’ which goes for 15 minutes and is insightful.
There is also a ‘Mickey and the Beanstalk’ DVD storybook.