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:: Furnace

Furnace is a horror movie that is set in a crowded maximum security prison, which is filled with some of the worst criminals in all of America. When the prison is plagued by a series of bizarre deaths, Detective Michael Turner (Paré) is sent to investigate why both the guards and the prisoners appear to be committing suicide. Unbeknown to him, a small group of prisoners led by Terrence (Ja Rule) and Fury (Danny Trejo) are planning an escape through a deserted wing of the prison.

Of course during his investigation, Turner’s got to have a love interest or two; he is after all the gravely voiced hunky detective with a depressing past. One of said interests is a cute medical examiner who seems to enjoy her job a bit too much.

Turner discovers that these deaths may be linked to supernatural causes. Unexplained deaths and eerie sounds makes Furnace your classic 21st century horror with over-the-top acting, gory effects and good old fashioned scares. The gore is pretty good, which is to be expected when a former effects man is the director, so there’s one positive note you can cling to, if you need it. There is one good scene, in particular, when Tom Sizemore’s character, who barely keeps his rage in check on a good day, goes wild during the film’s finale when the obligatory prison riot breaks out and just starts randomly gunning down inmates.

The premise for this film is good and, while cliched in most aspects, you will still find it relatively enjoyable.

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