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:: Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs

The Beast with a Billion Backs is an essential addition to any Futurama fan's collection. If you love the show you'll definitely love the movie. The story opens with the shock of the universe being ripped open, which surprisingly barely fazes anyone. Fry begins a relationship with Colleen whom he discovers doesn't seem to understand the concept of a soul mate being a singular being. Amy and Kif get married and Bender discovers the league of robots. A month later a scientific conference is held to discuss the tear in the earth, known as the “anomaly”.

It is soon discovered after an expedition that only living beings can pass through the anomaly. Zapp is then commissioned to destroy what is on the other side of the anomaly. Fry sneaks aboard the ship in his depression so that he can find solace alone. On the other side Fry meets “The Tentacles”. The Tentacle squeezes it's self through the tear with Fry attached and begins attacking everyone on Earth. Fry becomes a pope of a religion worshipping the tentacle. As people are attached to the Tentacle they immediately fall in love with it. Eventually everyone falls under the Tentacles charms except for Lila.
Lila, whilst on the run discovers that the tentacles are actually reproductive organs. Lila must try and save who she can by revealing this.

The story continues with The Tentacle revealing its true identity as Yivo and revealing its true motives whilst admitting it has falling in love with everyone. Earth must decide whether to break up with Yivo or to give it another chance. Whilst Bender who has been appointed leader of the League of Robots decides to rage war on Yivo to get his friends back. The story line is a bit messy but if you love Futurama it works just like a supersized episode. Definitely one for the fans.

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