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:: George W. Bushisms

“Are our children learning?” Not according to unfortunate US president George W. Bush who claims that they are wasting away in the “dungeon of the internet.” In this latest anti-Bush documentary words are Bush’s weapons of mass destruction as footage and sound bytes are dug up from the underground vaults of the American news media where it becomes pretty clear its where they’d love to see it remain.

George W. Bushisms explores, examines and ridicules Bush in all his illiterate glory. Hosted by the annoyingly sarcastic and lacklustre Brian Unger, Bushisms presents itself as a children’s program complete with translators, dictionary meanings, theatre pieces, animations and music segments. Derived from a series of novels, at barely sixty minutes, it becomes apparent that there is a shortage of content and besides the footage of Bush’s foibles; everything else that is left is redundant.

The presentation is overall low-grade and having the host and the “panel” of experts commenting on each Bushism seems unnecessary and becomes increasingly frustrating to watch. I think we can understand when Bush says “We’ll make America what we want it to be, a literate country and a hopefuller country” that something is amiss here. The footage found is great stuff and there are gems aplenty, especially hearing Bush stuttering and stammering over some speech that is important that he must make which he forgets the name of, state of… state of something, state of America? Yes George, state of union.

The tacky music video intervals are unbearable to watch and thankfully there’s the skip forward button. Yes I get that they’re trying to send up Bush and incorporate his “Bushisms” into song and perform them but somehow watching ten odd people smearing themselves with food to make the point that Bush incorrectly states that families should put “food on people” instead of food on the table, is just too stupid to watch.

Other highlights include Bush’s dictionary meanings as he addresses American Congress and asks people not “misunderestimate” him. Bush also tells the American people (it makes one wonder who is in charge here and why does he continually get away with these ridiculous misinformed mis-statements) “There ought to be limits to…uh freedom.” Yes American citizens, this is your president.

Watching the footage, we get that Bush can’t speak, spell, string a sentence together or remember one and he knows nothing about his job, therefore it is frustrating having these interpreters and performers reiterating everything. Thankfully those watching aren’t as stupid as Bush and yes, do we get it.

A comical look at what is possibly the silliest world leader of our time. Skip through everything else.