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:: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

50 Cent has been a controversial figure and all his moves seem to get extra scrutiny. There are certain perceptions about his life and about the nature of his music. This DVD shows the rapper (real name Curtis Jackson) follow in the footsteps of his musical colleague Eminem and entering the film world in a story of his troubled life.

The feature is directed by Jim Sheridan (known for “In America” and “My Left Foot”) and he tells a fictionalised version. Those who follow the rap music scene might very well know most about 50 Cent - the sex, drugs and rapping. 50 Cent's character is Marcus and he comes across as a rather nice guy, despite the drug dealing and slurred speaking. The story tells of Marcus, a relatively quiet young man who loves his mother. He heads down the wrong path in life after his mother was brutally murdered in a drug deal gone wrong situation. Marcus leaves school to sell drugs. Later, after reuniting with his childhood love (Joy Bryant) and spending time in jail, he wants to filfill his dream of becoming a good rapper.

It's somewhat of a rags-to-riches story, yet it isn't overly endowed with 50 Cent's music. But it tells of the blossoming of the character; the rapper that grew to what he is today. It may seem unusual for someone like Jim Sheridan to direct such a picture, but it probably adds to the refreshing nature and it becomes a heartfelt story with lots to say about society.

The bonus features are light on. One could have expected lots of music extras.

DVD Extras

A Portrait of an Artist: The Making of Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Footage of 50 Cent in concert in Ireland, 50 Cent walking the streets of Ireland and getting a big reception from his Irish fans, as well as 50 Cent in the studio. The cast and crew talk about working with 50 Cent and director Jim Sheridan.

Theatrical Trailer