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:: Get Smart - The Complete Five Seasons

Following on from the first official DVD release of the famous television series Get Smart eighteen months ago, the brilliant series is now available in its entirety in Australia through Time Life Australia.

Seasons 1 to 5 comprise the complete 138 episodes and bonus features. It comes in a special Collectors Edition package and purchasing the complete set entitles you to obtain a free DVD player, courtesy of Time Life

The original episodes are shown - uncut and beautifully re-mastered. It's a release no fan of Maxwell Smart can miss! The famous Control Agent was in his element as this show signified the Cold War days of the mid-1960s and the spoofs and gadgetry were ahead of their time.

The classics are all there, from the very first episode “Mr Big”, through some of the classics, which showcase some of the charismatic villains like Siegfried, Shtarker, The Craw, Dr Drego, and many more. The good guys include Hymie, Larabee, Harry Hoo, and the various other Control agents. Of course, 99 and the Chief joined Max in being an integral part of the show.

As far as the special features are concerned, much effort went into providing interviews and previously unseen footage. Barbara Feldon (who played 99) provides introductions to the episodes. There are interviews with the creative team Mel Brooks, Buck Henry, Bruce Bilson, and Leonard Stern, together with some of the actors who played famous characters in the show, including Bernie Kopell, Don Rickles, James Caan, and Bill Dana.

Some of the highlights of the bonus features worth noting are:

Don Adams accepting Emmy Awards in the period 1967-1969, plus making several TV appearances on the Andy Williams Show and Bill Dana Show, which were big in the USA in the 1960s.

Also, you can see some of the Bloopers and Interactive features that haven't been seen before. There is so much material available that has thankfully been made available for the first time, including a profile on 99, a 2003 Reunion Seminar, and an interesting commentary by Leonard Stern on the three-part “A Man Called Smart” episode, which was supposed to be a film through Columbia Pictures.

One of the highlights of the whole package of extras is the footage from Don Adams' 75th birthday at the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner was a great friend of Don's and hosted a roast-like evening. The tributes were great, and Don Rickles made an especially memorable tribute to Don that had everyone laughing hysterically.

Then, of course, with the sad passing of Don Adams, a special Memorial was conducted and snippets are shown in the Season 5 set.

Overall, the Get Smart DVD collection of Seasons 1 to 5 is undeniably one of the finest television releases I've ever seen. The shows look and sound as they should and included with them are many hours of extras. Thanks to Time Life, Get Smart can now continue to entertain viewers for many years to come in a way that few shows are ever able to; in it's entirety.

For purchasing information about the Get Smart DVD release you can order online

There is a special purchase price for the complete set of $Aust 249.95, which includes the free DVD player.

Time Life Australia has a special price for the complete Seasons 1 & 2 at $Aust 69.95.

DVD Extras

Audio introduction on every episode by Barbara Feldon

Season 1 features
Audio commentary by Buck Henry and Mel Brooks
Interview with Buck Henry
Featurette: The Secret History of Get Smart
NBC season preview 1965
Interactive Feature: The Chief's Office
Excerpts from The Bill Dana Show 1964 and the Andy Williams Show 1965
Highlights from the Get Smart Reunion Seminar 2003

Season 2 features
Agent 99: Real model to Role model
Interview with Leonard Stern
1967 Emmy Awards - Get Smart acceptance speeches
Highlights from the Get Smart Reunion Seminar 2003
99's purse
Don Adams' 75th birthday celebration at the Playboy Mansion - guests included Don Rickles and James Caan
Commentary by Bernie Kopell
Audio commentary by Leonard Stern

Season 3 features
Featurette: Spooks, Spies, Gadgets & Gizmos
Milton Berle's Mad Mad World of Comedy - Don Adams was a special guest on the show
1968 Emmy Awards - Get Smart acceptance speeches
Andy Williams Show 1966
Highlights from the Get Smart Reunion Seminar 2003
Commentary by Don Rickles
Audio commentaries by Barbara Feldon and Buck Henry

Season 4 features
Featurette: Code words and catch phrases
1969 Emmy Awards - Get Smart acceptance speeches
Rose Parade with Don Adams and Barbara feldon in 1969
Interviews with Barbara Feldon and Bernie Kopell
Andy Williams Show 1966
Interactive feature: Max's apartment
Episode commentary by James Caan

Season 5 features
TV Land Awards 2003
Audio commentary by Bill Dana
Andy Williams Show 1966
Gag reels
Featurette: the Fans of Get Smart
Don Adams Memorial 2005 - Don's son-in-law, Barbara Feldon, James Caan, Don Rickles, Bernie Kopell and Leonard Stern.

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