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:: Girls Of The Playboy Mansion Season 1

For the first time ever, The Girls Of The Playboy Mansion (known in the USA as Girls Next Door) takes you beyond the gates of the famous Playboy Mansion and behind closed doors where you'll meet Holly, Kendra, and Bridget, just your average good looking blonde girls next door, but with one small difference. They are Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. The lovely young ladies allow us into their unique daily lives as they laugh, love, play, and party, giving rise to why theirs is a prestigious position. One can only wonder how many other young women are in the queue behind them waiting to get into the inner sanctum.

The DVD comes in three discs, covering the entire first season of fifteen episodes. The package also contains sexy, never-before-seen, unrated versions of episodes.

We get glimpses into Hef's personal affairs, and even his living quarters, like his regal office and his huge bed. There are intriguing moments where the competitive streaks flash through the girls, particularly when one of Hef's all-time favourite beauties, Barbi Benton's arrives for the “Fight Night,” episode. Or in the mad rush for lingerie preceding the infamous annual summer party, in “Midsummer Night's Dream.”

It is a serious business for these girls to be a Playboy model and be part of Hugh Hefner's life. Holly Madison is Hugh's number one girlfriend, which means she shares a room with him, and is obviously the dominant of the three girls. She is young and ambitious, though doesn't mind (too much) sharing Hugh with two other women. Her interviews are full of confidence, as she looks ahead to her future as Hefner's number one girl. Somewhere along the way she's managed to convince herself that a wide-eyed 25-year-old from Alaska is somehow different from the dozens of other young blondes who have been in her position before now. She genuinely believes that she and Hugh are soulmates.

Bridget Marquardt is the “smart” one of the three as she is currently working on her second Masters degree. More than anything, though, she has always wanted a chance to be in Playboy Magazine, and sees her
position in the mansion as the next best thing to that dream. Here she is, in her mid 30s, clinging on to her
childhood dream of appearing in Playboy Magazine. When it finally does happen, it gives her far more pleasure than her other achievements possibly could.

Kendra Wilkinson is the newest and youngest of the girlfriends. Kendra is the one that sees herself the most clearly. She is not too bright, and doesn't care. She is wild and impulsive, and loves living that way. She loves all things athletic, though it strikes me as odd that she defines herself by her love of (and skill in) the sport. In almost every episode, Kendra is shown playing some sport or another, and she often fumbles her way through. She is great fun to watch as she soaks up her “moment in the sun”.

One could say that the show is less raunchy than expected, although there is plenty of nudity. It is also surprising that, at times, the girls probably don't realise how they come across on screen when playing out the day-to-day activities. It is fascinating to observe their dream existence.

Overall, this is a light, fun series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes at the legendary mansion, with Hef's three “leading ladies” as the guides. The 3-DVD set offers fine audio/video quality and a good set of extras. Recommended for fans.

DVD Extras

The DVD is presented in fullscreen as it was shown on television. Special features include commentaries by the three girls on all episodes. The girls' commentary offers some fun behind-the-scenes tidbits, jokes about the episode and general chit-chat.

They also present the first version of the pilot episode called “Hef’s World.” They use most of the footage of Hef’s World in the opening episode but the second half is Bridget’s birthday and she gets some “interesting” presents. They also include “personality tests” for Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. This is really about 11 minutes of interviews where they talk about themselves.

There is a photo gallery with about 200 pictures, but no naked ones.

There are 29 additional scenes (a mixture of extended or deleted scenes), as well. Some of these offer entertaining moments that should be fun for fans.

There is also an alternate pilot presentation.