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:: Gladiator: Extended Special Edition

Directed by Sir Ridley Scott and featuring Russell Crowe at his Oscar-winning best, this action-packed epic blew viewers away when it was first released in cinemas and on DVD in the year 2000. This new special extended edition of ‘Gladiator,’ personally overseen by Scott, delivers an additional seventeen minutes of action packed drama to the audience. The new scenes are not ground breaking or story altering; however they add a little more context and drama to the storyline for fans of the original.

The Gladiator Extended Special Edition also includes a variety of special features, such as a DVD commentary by Russell Crowe and Sir Ridley Scott. This film, nominated for 12 Oscars and winner of five, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects, is an amazing story of courage and revenge which is only improved by this new extended version of ‘Gladiator.’

DVD Extras


SPECIAL EXTENDED FILM EDITION Features 17 minutes of footage seamlessly re-edited into the film.
ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? An informative trivia track including historical references and production details about this epic film.


STRENGTH AND HONOR: CREATING THE WORLD OF GLADIATOR An in-depth, feature-length documentary including rare, never-before-seen footage and all-new cast and crew interviews dissecting the film's production, comprised of the following chapters:
TALE OF THE SCRIBES: STORY DEVELOPMENT Exploring the story's origins in ancient history and its challenging journey from script to screen.
THE TOOLS OF WAR: WEAPONS An informative featurette on the design and construction of the battle-hardened vehicles and weapons seen in Gladiator.
ATTIRE OF THE REALM: COSTUME DESIGN A fascinating look at how the film's Oscar-winning costumes were designed and created.
THE HEAT OF BATTLE: PRODUCTION JOURNALS A series of three immersive featurettes taking the viewer on-set and deeper into the world of Gladiator than ever before, including detailed segments on Germania, Zucchabar and Rome.
THE GLORY OF ROME: VISUAL EFFECTS A detailed overview of Gladiator's Oscar-winning visual effects and how the filmmakers recreated ancient Rome.
SHADOWS AND DUST: RESURRECTING PROXIMO With the untimely passing of actor Oliver Reed, the filmmakers had to scramble to digitally salvage his unforgettable (yet incomplete) final performance. Here's how.
ECHOES IN ETERNITY: RELEASE AND IMPACT A look back at the film's phenomenal release and reaction, including its resurrection of the historical epic and a hint of things to come.


IMAGE & DESIGN This section details the preparatory elements needed to bring the story to life including storyboard segments that show the entire layout for the action-filled sequences, plus an impressive selection of original illustrations and production stills, costume designs and more.
PRODUCTION DESIGN PRIMER: ARTHUR MAX Production Designer Arthur Max gives viewers an overview of the challenges and responsibilities in creating the look for a massive, realistic epic such as Gladiator.
PRODUCTION DESIGN GALLERY Conceptual art, set designs, location photos and other support material
STORYBOARD DEMONSTRATION: SYLVAIN DESPRETZ Conceptual Artist Sylvain Despretz discusses the importance of storyboarding and demonstrates his craft by drawing and inking two all-new Gladiator boards on-camera exclusively for this DVD release. STORYBOARD GALLERY A comprehensive collection of the film's beautifully rendered storyboard art.
STORYBOARD-TO-FILM COMPARISONS Multi-angle comparisons with optional audio commentary will give viewers insight into how the shot design for the following sequences were conceived: Germania Battlefront Chain Fight The Battle of Carthage
RIDLEYGRAMS A sampling of Sir Ridley Scott's own storyboards from the film.
COSTUME DESIGN GALLERY An in-depth section dedicated to Oscar® winner Janty Yates' celebrated costume illustrations.
PHOTO GALLERIES Behind The Scenes Special Shoot: Promotional Portraits
SUPPLEMENTAL ARCHIVE A collection of rare footage and abandoned sequences.
Alternate Title Design (Featurette & Final Sequence)
Blood Vision (Storyboards & Outtakes, with Optional Commentary) Rhino Fight (Storyboards & CG Test, with Optional Commentary)
Choose Your Weapon (Newly-Discovered Deleted Scene)
A “nuts & bolts” breakdown of the computer generated work that went into creating the world of Gladiator.
Trailers and other creative materials developed for the film's original theatrical release.