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:: Hitler's Holocaust

This is a disturbing series on how one man caused immense suffering for millions. There have been many films made about the Hitler regime. This series documents, through recently found archived material, first-hand eyewitness views and direct observations from renowned academics and historians.

There was a yearlong process leading up to Hitler’s final solution and the creator of this series, Simon Weisenthal, aims to set the record that represents the legacy of these poor millions. Inhumanity is the main theme of the content.

There are six episodes and most of the interviewees claimed that they knew nothing of what was going on around them, until the overwhelming evidence of the genocide came to a devastating light. Jews in ghettos thought they were being resettled in the east. Even a person very close to Hitler claimed that he knew nothing until after the war. This is the compelling stuff that attracts interest.

There have been occasional rises by Neo-Nazi groups and theories put forward by Holocaust revisionists. These should be dismissed. The lesson to learn is that the atrocities caused by Hitler must never be forgotten and certainly not repeated. This informative series illustrates the care in research put forward and is very worthwhile viewing.