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:: How To Make Love Like An Englishman

Richard (Pierce Brosnan) is a successful college professor who gives up a steady stream of one-night stands and beautiful undergrads for fatherhood with much younger Kate (Jessica Alba). Three years later when Kate falls in love with someone else and moves out, she sends her sister, Olivia (Salma Hayek), to make sure Richard is properly caring for their son. Assuming Richard is back to his irresponsible playboy lifestyle, Olivia is shocked when she starts to fall in love with him herself.

I believe Pierce Brosnan is perfect for the role he had in this film: a university English teacher that is both lecherous and intellectual, romantic and a total ass, a good father and a terrible partner, yet lovable and accessible nonetheless. Such a character has a fantastic potential to create a wonderful story.

However, the story was sub par, the other characters cardboard and so many opportunities were missed out again and again. If I were to rate this film on the characters, I would have to give an 8 or even 9 to Brosnan's, but something close to 3 for Jessica Alba's. Salma Hayek's wasn't a lot better either and Malcolm McDowell, as the father, was 0-dimensional! I understand old actors get fewer jobs, but have you seen any of this guy's films? Can't you see how much better he could have been if given some good material?

Bottom line: it's an American Britspoitation film, based entirely on Pierce Brosnan's charm, with a little bit of McDowell sprinkled in the cast to get old people like me interested. So much story potential and so many talented actors completely wasted by Hollywood accountants.