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:: Hyper Street Racing Type-B

Not to be confused with any other “type”, HSRTB is all about four-wheeled Yankee Doodle idiocy. Here viewers can feast their eyes on all sorts of rev head masochism, as clip after clip of car delinquency is edited together to form a wallpaper of banality.

It’s not the sort of tosh one could defend with the clichéd “but if you’re into cars you’ll love it” cack, either. Where is the structure? The flow? The point? Footage is even repeated at times. Amateur hour indeed! It doesn’t try to investigate the culture of street racing in any serious way, focusing instead on short-lived snippets of car after car crashing and smoking like a drunken bookie. Imagine watching a string of sub-par email clips one after the other and you’ve got a good understanding of the Hyper Street Racing experience.

Apart from the racing, there’s also stock footage of garden gnomes being blown up by all manner of backyard explosives. Handy stuff for people who really, really, really hate garden gnomes.

It’s not all colostomy-bag standard, however. At one point we get a gander at a remote control car that moves like it has a jet engine under it’s shell. Additionally some US mall rats, who’s preference is to wear clothes three sizes too large, wow with some spiffy breakdancing moves in the middle of a shopping centre before one decides to go all “jackass” and sprint through the indoor pond. Okay, it’s dumb, but it outshines the rest of the disc with ease.

HSRTB is not meant to be watched as much as left on. Got a few mates keen to go into a cerebral coma in front of the TV, beers in hand? Maybe this disc is worth slapping in your player - just don’t be surprised if it ends up being used as a coaster.