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:: I Spy Volume 1 - 7 Disc

I Spy was one of the most entertaining programs of the genre, thanks to the combination of Robert Culp and Bill Cosby. As spies for the U.S. government, the duo bopped around the world. Part of the appeal of the show was that the carefree and dashing agents were always facing death, and beautiful women, in exotic locations.

The two mismatched spies, one white (Culp) and one black (Cosby), engage in wild antics to fight evil around the world. For a series during the middle of the civil rights era, it was considered groundbreaking. Some of the Cold War issues may seem dated, but in fact this series had almost every international issue possible, and some things are back in fashion again. At the time “I Spy” was celebrated for its groundbreaking casting and for its lush locations. Today, while those remain interesting, the incredibly effective pairing of Culp and Cosby make this series something very special.

The entire Volume 1 of the classic series has been issued as DVD with all 28 episodes uncut.