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:: In Bob We Trust

A radical survivor to some, to others a controversial and irreverent “larrikin priest” and a co-host of a popular talk show with John Safran, Father Bob Maguire is an iconic and quintessential Australian. Feisty, spirited, with an insightful wit and compelling backstory, Father Bob has long sided with those pushed out of society.

His battles with the Catholic Church hierarchy are legend and when “invited” by his Archbishop to retire, Father Bob declines of course. What follows is a David and Goliath story and an inspirational eye-opening journey as the dissident priest resists the authority of the Church, only to encounter treachery and betrayal. With an insightful wit he becomes a tireless outspoken advocate for justice for the powerless and a provocateur of conscience. In 2012 he was forcibly retired and evicted by his Archbishop. Fr. Bob, now 78, with the tenacious belief that he is here to help, continues to fight to be effective, to be provocative and to never say die.

After an incredibly successful theatrical season IN BOB WE TRUST will be released for the first time on DVD on April 2.

DVD Extras

Over 50 minutes of special features including deleted scenes and further encounters in Father Bob's world