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:: Infestation

This movie is unfortunately not my cup of tea (and difficult to give a fair review when repelled by the ‘horror/ comedy’ genre). Infestation wastes little time with its set-up: we are introduced to smart-aleck slacker Cooper (Chris Marquette), who has turned his job into one big joke. Not inspired at work or likely to win ‘employee of the month’, Cooper is fired by his boss. Around him, and outside his office building, everyone appears to have been cocooned by giant flying cockroaches. By the time Cooper wakes up, he is covered in a cocoon webbing along with everyone in the city. The bugs roam the hallways of his office building, as well as the streets outside. To make matters worse, these bugs have airborne counterparts that fall from the sky and snatch victims off to their nest.

Cooper meets a doctor, Sara (Brooke Nevin), the daughter of Cooper’s boss, who has just been snatched off the streets by one of the flying giant bugs. Together, they free other survivors including Cindy (Kinsey Packard), a father and son, and Leechee (Linda Park), who oddly seem very knowledgeable about insects, poisons, and other strange scientific facts. Together, the survivors devise a plan to brave the city streets and the swarms of gigantic bugs in order to reach Cooper’s father (Ray Wise), who happens to have a bomb shelter underneath his home.

At times a bit ridiculous, this monster flick only benefits from a likeable hero in Cooper. With Nevin in tow, together the two illicit some surprising chemistry who are set to take down the creatures that plague their city. “Infestation” is not going to blow you away, and with its evidently low budget, it does not feature the greatest mystical creatures you will see in a horror/ sci-fi film.

Directed and written by Kyle Rankin, Infestation will only entertain those who enjoy watching a scripted film filled with fictitious creatures and their attempt to take over the world. The most noteworthy performance comes from Chris Marquette (previous work includes race to Witch Mountain) who is supported by a mostly unknown and young cast.

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Audio Commentary with Director Kyle Rankin
The creation of Infestation
Theatrical trailer