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:: It's Me Or The Dog feat. Victoria Stilwell

Calling all dog owners with a weakness for big brown eyes, floppy ears and wagging tails. Like a tomb raider of the dog world, Victoria Stilwell, professional dog trainer, is here to teach silly canine owners how to get back in control.

With the new hit series, ‘It’s Me or The Dog’, enjoy a barrel of laughs and shake your head at the outlandish lengths some owners will go to in order to spoil their pets.

From big to small, Victoria sexy, fearless and witty, makes her way through each doggy disaster with ease. Tackling the grumpy, over protective and attention seeking pets who have turned households topsy-turvy, she teaches over-indulgent owners who spoil their pets rotten, how to outwit their dogs’ psychic abilities.

Now by psychic I mean that quite literally. Dogs are more intelligent then some may think. They feed off human emotion like leeches and play on their owners’ insecurity and weaknesses. Dogs’ sense stress, they sense agitation and worry. Once they feel any of these, the game of hell begins.

Control, confidence and calm are all that is needed to restore the natural balance of nature: that man is master and pets must obey.

This DVD is not only entertaining but educational as well. So even if you have a pet who is well behaved or one who is driving you up the wall, ‘It’s Me or The Dog’ will provide you with easy to follow tips and tricks. And that’s the beauty of the series. Any doggy habit no matter how bad, can be solved. Victoria reveals that with a little persistence and constant practice, an old dog can be taught new tricks.

Great for any pet owner. A really worthwhile series.