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:: Jag: The Complete First Season

This is the first season of JAG out now on DVD. Donald P. Bellisario was the creative force behind shows such as Magnum, P.I. and Quantum Leap. He wrote a television pilot that was set on an aircraft carrier and when he reached a point where a female pilot had been murdered, he asked a military advisor who would investigate that death. He was told that JAG would investigate, a number of Navy lawyers. From there an idea for a series was born.

Therefore, fans of the series have the opportunity to follow the series and the Navy JAG lawyer Harmon Rabb Jr., who is the central focus of the series for most of its ten season run.

Former Navy fighter pilot Harmon Rabb (David James Elliott) is now a lawyer working in the service of the Judge Advocate General (JAG)'s Office. It is the branch of the service that investigates, prosecutes and defends legal matters involving members of the US Navy and the Marines. While the TV series prides itself on its military accuracy, creator Donald Bellisario admits that his JAG officers often go above and beyond what they would be called upon to do in real life. But that's what makes the series interesting to watch.

While this season doesn't include a few of the shows mainstays, it sets up a wonderful decade-long run. There is soon some cast reshuffles. The two-part pilot plays like a feature-length film, not uncommon these days, and we're set up nicely with the reluctant JAG lawyer team of Lt. Harmon “Harm” Rabb Jr. (David James Elliot), a former fighter pilot-turned-lawyer, and the apprehensive Lt. Kate Pike (Andrea Parker), who's a real stickler for procedure and details. She is soon replaced, however, by Lt. Meg Austin (Tracey Needham). In addition, you'll find several great supporting characters in this first season, such as John M. Jackson as Admiral Chegwidden and Patrick Labyorteaux, who makes a few appearances as Lt. Bud Roberts.

This DVD set contains the following episodes:

Disc One
• “Pilot”
• “Shadow”
• “Desert Sun”

Disc Two
• “Déjà vu”
• “Pilot Error”
• “War Cries”
• “Brig Break”

Disc Three
• “Scimitar”
• “Boot”
• “Sightings”
• “The Brotherhood”

Disc Four
• “Defensive Action”
• “Smoked”
• “Hemlock”
• “High Ground”

Disc Five
• “Black Ops”
• “Survivors”
• “Recovery”
• “The Prisoner”

Disc Six
• “Ares”
• “Skeleton Crew”

Note that “Skeleton Crew” was never aired as the supposed season-ending cliffhanger episode.

This is an enjoyable first season for JAG, a show that developed a very solid audience foundation and kept making solid episodes for their broad niche audience for 10 years. That should be classified as a success.