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:: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - 2 DISC SET

Makoto Konno’s world changes when she realises she can travel back in time. But time travelling is not all its cracked up to be – with every leap backwards Makoto alters the fate of friends and family around her. And so begins a tale about time and its value, with the stark motif of ‘time waits for no one’ reinforced throughout the film.

Japanese Anime is outstanding in that it can transcend western animation and adapt storylines to suit an adult audience. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is no exception, with the story of Makoto both enchanting and poignant. In a customary backdrop of high school, we are quickly introduced to the young protagonist of the film, confronted with her high energy and carefree existence. Makoto doesn’t excel in anything in particular, instead she prefers to spend her time with her two best friends: Kousuke, the strong, sensible boy in her life and Chiaki, the easygoing, spirited but seemingly careless boy. Makoto world changed when she stumbles upon a device that allows her to travel back in time. This discovery, it would appear, comes just in time, when Makoto avoids what would have been a fatal train accident. Makoto then does what any young girl would do – she takes full advantage of it. She aces tests, sleeps in at a whim, re-does awkward situations and even extends a 10-minute karaoke session into hours of singing. It all comes at a cost of course, and the more and more she leaps back in time, the more problems she creates for her family and friends.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time uses repetition to underpin the theme, quickly jumping back and forth between scenes as quickly as Makoto travels there. It’s fast paced and energetic, with Makoto literally crashing, jumping and sliding her way into the same scenarios. The beauty of the film is watching Makoto mature: through her experience with time travelling she begins to realise the intricacies of other peoples’ lives, and is less focused on her own. Without giving too much away, Makoto’s time traveling is explained via a futuristic/apocalyptic approach, with some characters revealing more about themselves than what was originally first thought.

There are however, several threads of the story that fail to come together, a frustrating situation after so many recurring scenes and close-call situations that call for a subliminal message or meaning behind them. But it’s safe to say Madman Entertainment has delivered yet another great Japanese film to an ever-growing population of anime lovers. I felt strangely exhausted by the end of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, but discovered a newfound appreciation for valuing the time you have with the people around you and a desire to seize the moment.

DVD Extras

  • Limited Edition Collector's Slipcase (first pressing only)
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Tokyo Premiere Event featurettes
  • “Direction File (A Talk with the Director Mamoru Hosoda)” interview
  • Hanako Oku “Garnet” music video
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Promo Clip
  • Main Feature with Storyboards