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:: Joan Rivers - (Still a) live At The Palladium - Allegedly

This is Joan Rivers at her ultimate best. She doesn’t give an inch as she sets out to ridicule, indulge, and berate whoever needs the treatment. She does it in a terrific stand up routine - a high quality show.

Joan's in top form as usual and her jokes… well, you either love or hate them! There are non-stop quick fire gags from start to finish, by which time she is able to offend just about every section of society.

This is a no-holds-barred performance & definitely not for the easily offended. No subject is taboo as Joan rips into various celebrities, chastising him or her with her caustic & razor sharp wit. A very funny show. She is an undaunted performer. She has the great comic's knack for sailing from topic to topic with ease. Listen to her talk of Paris Hilton (“a lucky little slut!”) to Madonna (“an old whore!”), and subjects like ageing.

Chunks of material, notably swipes at Donatella Versace (“she looks like something you'd hang from a door in Africa”) and Katharine Hepburn, were over-familiar, but she delivered them like a woman possessed. Newer gags,
such as the comical allegation that Kate Moss overdosed on dandruff, were more hit and miss.

Although there are no extras on the disc it's still well recommended.