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:: Kill Bill Vol.1

In the era of multi-episode movies comes the latest from the ever creative Quentin Tarantino - Kill Bill Vol 1. Originally intended to be one complete film, Miramax made the decision to split the film in two and release them several months apart. Marketing ploy to capture more of moviegoers’ money? Perhaps a necessary move for a film running over 200 minutes with sword battles that seems to go on forever.

More than almost any other Director Tarantino has a deep understanding of the films that have been lost in the edges and fallen into the creases of film history. While other director's try to reinvent the restaurant scene in Scorsese's Goodfellas, Tarantino pulls from the work of other more obscure references and that he definitely inspires one to seek out the gems from the past that it draws from.

Great or not, Tarantino fills Kill Bill with fantastic moments. There are scenes and shots in this movie which are outstanding, with a fantastic and distinct style that will please even the most sceptical Tarantino watchers.

By spanning his film into two parts, Tarantino seems to have convinced himself that he was free of the constraints of time, but he isn't. Several scenes in Kill Bill Vol. 1 drag on the ridiculous lengths especially the major fight sequence of the film. Known for his in-you-face violent approach Tarantino spared no blood in making Kill Bill. It's jam packed with more severed limbs than almost any film I've ever seen.

Tarantino does have the unique ability to throw bits from massive amounts of lesser known films into a blender and come up with something that is uniquely his own and at times that's something that's 'really cool. The film does take risks and at times those risks really pay off. Sure the film isn't perfect, but in an era of bland packaged films I can't help but give credit to a film that does take chances, successful or not. If you're a Tarantino fan, nothing I've said will probably change your mind about seeing this film, and for the most part I think you'll get what you're looking for out of it. It’s also worth mentioning the terrific music throughout, something for which Tarantino excels in the selection process.

DVD Extras

 “The Making of Kill Bill, Vol. 1 ”
 Bonus musical performances by The 5,6,7,8s
 Quentin Tarantino trailers including Kill Bill, Volume 2