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:: King Arthur - Director's Cut

This is a Jerry Bruckheimer mega-blockbuster. He provides his take on the legend of the Knights of the Round Table with Clive Owen as the King.

Ioan Gruffudd is Lancelot and a very sexy Keira Knightley plays a tomboy Guinevere in this version of the legendary tale. Here Arthur and his knights are a crack Sarmatian cavalry team enlisted by the all-conquering Roman army. At the end of their conscription, with promises of freedom and gold directly ahead of them, they must complete one final mission

This is a rollicking tale full of action and exciting, well orchestrated battles. Director Antoine Fuqua retains the essence of the legend. The sterling lead performances are ably supported by Ray Winstone, Stellan Skarsgard and Ken Stott .

The plot is considered to be one of the most historically accurate, being based on new evidence and theories that Arthur really existed far earlier in history than before. Sit back and enjoy this thrilling adventure.

DVD Extras

Director’s Cut
With an extra 17 minutes of footage, the full-blooded version of the movie is better for it. Here we can now witness the sheer brutality of combat in 500AD, as swords, arrows and spears rip in flesh in all their graphic detail. The story also gets added to as we see more of the attraction between Guinevere and Lancelot, a greater insight into the Saxons and more of Arthur’s background. This edit does improve the film but it is still not as good as it could have so easily have been.

Blood on the Land: Forging King Arthur (17 mins)
- behind the scenes of King Arthur.
The featurette reveals the origins of the story and the Arthurian legend and takes you on location in Ireland. We see how many of the main sequences were accomplished such as the ice battle and the final confrontation, as well as how the music, costumes and sets came together.

Alternative Ending: Badun Hill (4 mins)
With optional commentary by Antoine Fuqua, this is the original, darker ending for the film that didn’t test well during previews.

Producer’s Photo Gallery
A collection of behind the scenes images from the Irish location shoot