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:: King of Beggars

How far should a guy go to get the girl of his dreams? Become a kung fu champion? Save the Emperor from dark forces? Or perhaps lose face and become a beggar? In this movie, the answer is all of the above.

Tsan (Stephen Chow) is an unlikely Prince Charming, the illiterate and lazy son of a rich government official (Man Tat Ng). Yet his languid existence takes on a new purpose when he meets his similarly unlikely love interest, Yu-Shang (Man Cheung), at the local brothel. Spurred on to win Yu-Shang’s hand, he enters the national ‘kung fu scholar’ competition. Far from bringing about the desired result, Tsan’s performance in the competition instead sees both him and his father sentenced to beggar status for the rest of their lives. Yet it only takes Tsan a few kung fu sequences to realise that his predicament is not all bad…

King of Beggars is a fast-paced and entertaining action-comedy film. Its depiction of imperial China is delightfully vibrant and colourful, and well complemented by some breathtaking scenery. It is a must-see for any fan of the Hong Kong / kung fu genre.

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