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:: L'Avventura

Michaelangelo Antonioni was one of the great Italian directors of his day, making a series of influential films, including La Notte (1961), Blow up (1967) and The Passenger (1975).

Starring the great Itaalian actress Monica Vitti, L’Avventura is a scathing depiction of a sexually corrupted world. Bonded by association more than love, a group of wealthy socialites depart on a yacht cruise in the Mediterranean, landing on a barren island off the Sicilian coast - symbolic of their spiritual desolation – before a strange disappearance ushers fear, infidelity and impossible desire.

The film is a character-driven piece, as Sandro (Gabrielle Ferzetti) seeks out his girlfriend, Anna (Lea Massari), who disappears without a trace on an uncharted isle; in her absence, he becomes smitten with Claudia (Monica Vitti), Anna's best friend. The rest of the “L'Avventura” is only vaguely about the search for Anna, instead concentrating on the awkward romance between Sandro and Claudia.

Watch for the stunning sets, lush locations, dexterous camera work, and sexy cast. It makes you forget about cinematic workings. Few directors have had as profound an impact on the language of cinema as Michelangelo Antonioni. And L'Avventura lurks like the volcano over Claudia's shoulder in the final shot over the whole history of film. Unlike anything that had come before, and highly influential on everything that came after, this film is an important milestone. The movie comes in a 2-DVD set and contains some noteworthy extra features.

DVD Extras

- Exclusive commentary by film critic and writer for The Age newspaper, Jake Wilson
- “Documents and Testimonials” - 60 min Antonioni documentary
- “Michaelangelo Antonioni: A Portrait” - 55 min documentary
- Antonioni's statement on L'Avventura at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival
- Umbrella trailers