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:: Les Murray's World Football Challenge (Interactive Trivia Game)

It's most opportune that this is a World Cup football year. The growth of football in Australia has seen greater exposure on television and the SBS Network has been at the forefront in the promotion of “The World Game”.

SBS Head of Sport, Les Murray, has been the mainstay since the broadcaster entered Australian households in 1980 and has been a champion for football throughout the years.

As the “face of football” Les has devised his World Football Challenge, an interactive trivia game where you can test your knowledge on world football in a multiple-choice competition. Competitors who answer the questions correctly can climb the ladder of football knowledge through seven levels ranging from Very Easy to Elite.

Questions range from historical facts and past football champions, to rules and classic moments.

Thoese who reach the top level can then be entered in Les Murray's online Hall of Fame.

A good piece of fun for football buffs.

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Les Murray's 2006 World Cup Guide Book - all the facts and figures for the 2006 World Cup

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3-hour blank VHS video for recording the broadcasts