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:: Lion King 3 - Hakuna Matata

Timon and Pumbaa tell their story in Lion King 3. Not only do we find out how Timon and Pumbaa met and what they did before they met Simba, but we also get to see the start of Simba's story from his best friend’s point of view.

”Lion King 3” is more of an alternate angle to the original film. The story follows the events of the original, mixed in with jokes, events and characters that we didn’t get to see before.

The sharpness in picture quality is very high, and the clarity of the image is spectacular. As for the sound, this is a very active mix, engaging the surrounds right from the first few seconds, It’s very easy listening, with warmth and depth to the sound that makes it that little bit more enjoyable. Much like the original, music plays a pivotal role here.

It’s also interesting to note that without the huge number of trailers that play before you get to the menus, this package would have fitted comfortably on a single disc,

The young ones will be suitably impressed but, for older viewers, who wish to rekindle the love for the original, they should probably just stick to that. Therefore, “Lion King 3” slightly fails to provide the sense of fun and emotion of the fantastic original. It was always a hard task to follow. But this is still worth a look though, especially for fans. Kids will love it and be able to get involved in it.

DVD Extras

Disc 1

The film.

There are 7 deleted scenes present on the first disc - two Opening Concepts, Old Fearless Buzz, Timon Talks to Dad, Timon, Mum and Dad, Intro to “Scurry, Flinch and Sniff”, and Timon and Pumbaa Look for Oasis. None of them are fully produced.

The first disc also contains trailers for Home on the Range, Brother Bear, Finding Nemo, The Pixar Collection, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, Mulan 2, and The Three Musketeers, all of which can be skipped individually, but cannot be selected for any of the menus.

Also presented is a Hidden Mickey Hunt, which utilises a subtitle track to invite young ones to watch the film over and to find the Mickey icons.

Disc 2

“Timon – Behind the Legend” is 4 minute featurette which takes quite a comical look at Timons early years, interviewing his family members and friends, and ‘hosted’ by Peter Graves.

“Before The Beginning: The Making Of The Lion King 3” This 15 minute featurette takes a brief look at the gestation of the film, which would be quite fluffy apart from the fact that you will hear some very familiar Australian accents, which peaks local interest.

“Grazing In The Field” Music Video.

Games - Three games are present on this section – “Timon And Pumbaas Virtual Safari”, “Rafikis Challenge” and “Find The Face”. Of the three, the “Virtual Safari” is the best, a continuation of the game from the “Lion King: Special Edition” DVD.