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:: Lovewrecked

This is the story of Jenny (Amanda Bynes), an 18-year-old girl who is ecstatic when she finds that her favourite rock star Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) is a guest at a tropical resort where she is working in the summer.

Jason happens to fall off a cruise ship. Jenny saves him and they raft their way to a nearby “desert island”. Jenny tells him that they are castaways when they're not that far from the luxury resort. It becomes a cat and mouse scenario. Things get even more complicated when Jenny's rival Alexis pretends to be shipwrecked too, and they must compete for Jason's affections.

Throughout the film, it's comforting to see Bynes work her behind off to make “Lovewrecked” come together. It's hardly her fault that the picture fails to be funny; Bynes puts in an A effort, yet only receives C results. She's the reason the film gets the small handful of chuckles it can muster, and she's the feeble spark of electricity in the romantic comedy department. Bynes has got goofball down, but she needs better material than what “Lovewrecked” has to offer her and hungers for a director who can dial her energy up and down when the movie requires it.

Though Lovewrecked‘s premise is fairly cute — and Bynes’ sparkling personality and comedic timing are in top form — the end result is a predictable story that's brimming with back-biting, bikinis, and batting of eyes. All in all, Lovewrecked is steeped in the same skewed messages about self-respect and desirability that already bombard tween and teen girls.