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:: Minder Series 5

Dodgy, cockney, brilliant humour

It is hard to say whether it is the catchy theme tune, cockney humour or brilliant acting abilities and hilarious shenanigans of Dennis Waterman and George Cole that make the classic British television show Minder one of the most successful shows ever.

With a massive 108 episodes, running for 15 years, and screening in over 70 countries; it can definitely be said most people would find it difficult not to be entertained Minder. Perhaps at the pinnacle of its popularity, series 5 of Minder has recently been released onto DVD.

Series 5 sees dodgy car dealer Arthur Daley (Cole) and his hired jailbird minder Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) carry on their crazy antics of moving shonky merchandise to not surprisingly unhappy punters.
Although Terry is ‘Arfurs’ minder (hired to protect Britain’s dodgiest entrepreneur), it is often the ex-boxer who is left worse for wear, as the pair attempt to carry out very entertaining, but shady deals. Of course, strong cast support is also provided by Dave the Barman (Glynn Edwards), Inspector Chisholm (Patrick Malahide) and guest star appearances from the likes of Robbie Coltrane, Ray Winstone, Beryl Reid and others.

Episode 1 in the series, ‘Goodbye Sailor’ provides an outstandingly funny opening to Series 5. With the likes of Inspector Chislholm sniffing around the edges, Arthur is dishonestly landed with some football boots and does a clumsy deal to buy smuggled tobacco and convinces Terry to pick up the crooked transaction. As they travel by yacht to meet their criminal counterparts, a delay puts them in quite a predicament with Customs and Excise and they throw the loot overboard. Yet again a failed attempt at criminal activity, but Arthur and Terry escape on the right side of the bars, with only a ‘hint’ of mud on their pants as they rescue the tobacco from the beach.

The release of the complete DVD series five of Minder brings with it some amazing extras including; guest cast biographies, production notes, image gallery, original broadcast ad caps, never seen before original Minder out takes and Thames story information for all 8 episodes, plus the bonus Christmas special.

Not to mention a complete episode of ‘The Sweeney,’ which collectors should appreciate.

Against the dreary backdrop of London, Terry and Arthur’s crazy antics and infectious accents are more than amusing and Series 5 of Minder is certainly no exception.

You can’t help but sing along, “I could be so good to you…,” and you could too.