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:: Miracle In Milan

Legendary Italian director Vittorio De Sica made this film hot on the heels of his debut classic ‘The Bicycle Thief’. it was a great follow-up film that saw De Sica win the Grand Prize at Cannes. The film also was voted Best Foreign Film by the New York Film Critics in 1951.

It's the story of a young orphan Toto who is forced to move to a shanty town in bomb-wrecked, post-WWII Milan. Made homeless as an adult, he ends up inspiring the other homeless to build new homes from scraps of wood and metal. When a rich reserve of oil is discovered beneath their town, a greedy landowner, Mobbi, tries to force Toto and his friends off the land. But when all looks lost, he receives some magical help from the heavens above.

The film is very clear on the point that the vast majority of conflicts can be settled with some commonsense and a bit of goodwill on both sides. But there is a down side to this and the film is worldly-wise enough to point it out. When an oil company decides to purchase the ground beneath the shanty-town, there are those that try to get in good with the company and there are those that decide to stick together and hold out.

You can ultimately view “Miracle In Milan” as a feel-good film in the good Christmas type story theme as it demonstrates an unshakeable conviction in the ultimate reward for goodness; sentiments which it's hard to disagree with.

Illustrating the frustration of innocence in the face of life's harsh realities, this is another award-winning masterpiece from De Sica and is considered one of the watershed films of the Italian cinema renaissance.

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