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:: Monkey Vol.16

As the tag line states ‘the nature of Monkey was irrepressible’, and let me tell you nothing rings more true. Monkey conforms to none of todays CGI wiz bang special effects, or brilliant dramatic performances, and it’s because of this it remains to this day a highly revered cult hit. Volume 16 contains three episodes never before seen on Australian television, and provides the viewer with a healthy serving of Monkey at its best. From the endearing quality of completely out of sync voice overs, to Monkey’s flying cloud aided by clearly visible fishing line, it’s easy to see why the Monkey series is so loved by so many. It’s so cheesy how could you resist?

Ultimately I think what makes Monkey really special, is that when you put aside the bad special effects and the over acting, there are great stories being told. They are enjoyable, and you don’t have to search for a meaning, they all have a basic moral outlook, about friendship, honesty or love. It’s an added bonus that the stories also include martial arts, demons, spirits and loads of other mythical elements. Monkey is irrepressible, but then again you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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