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:: My Summer Of Love

My Summer of Love is a beautiful portrait of a passionate Summer tryst between two teenage girls.

An unlikely pairing, Mona (Natalie Press) is an undervalued, working class rough diamond with an insightful grasp of the world, while the object of her affections Tamsin, (Emily Blunt) is spoilt, upper crust, enchanted with her own worldliness and desperate to push some boundaries. Expelled from school, Tamsin is left to her own devices in her wealthy family’s house. At a loose end, her expulsion takes on a rose-coloured hue when she discovers Mona lying in a field of flowers. Both girls nurse painful experiences: Mona, having lost her mother to cancer, is also in the process of losing her formerly violent older brother (Paddy Considine) to Jesus. Conversely, Tamsin is coping with a philandering father and a dismissive family. Wild and unpredictable, they join forces and begin a romance that captures and rekindles the invincibility and recklessness of youthful love.

Director Pawel Pawlikowski and D.O.P Rysard Lenczewski make full and evocative use of his lead actors’ beauty but the filming is handled with such integrity that we view the protagonists through the filter of their passion for each other, rather than through, smutty, external voyeurism. That said, it’s gorgeously decadent and very, very sexy. Pitch perfect, deeply understood character portrayals are communicated with such commitment and subtlety that we see each character’s innermost thoughts writ large across the screen. In doing so, a delicious intimacy is generated that binds us to their travails.

The cinematography is exquisite, with shots encompassing fabrics, textures, lighting and landscapes in minute and expansive detail. The girls’ feelings, particularly the intensifying of Mona’s love for Tamsin are captured in astounding and knowing depth amid a world of girlish dress-ups and lush Yorkshire fields.

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