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:: Nacho Libre

If you were a fan of Napoleon Dynamite the independent hit from writer and director Jared Hess, you might want to check out some of his latest work with actor Jack Black. The combo does a fantastic job of mixing quirky characters together for explicit laughs and you might find yourself feeling rather sympathetic for the characters.

Jack Black is about the only person in the world that can pull off a role such as this one. He plays a passionate monk named “Ignacio” whose dream is to be the greatest wrestler who ever lived; he tackles his dream with his skinny ratty looking friend named Esqueleto while trying to win the heart of a sexy nun in his monetary.

Esqueleto (Hector Jimenez) and Ignacio (Jack Black) secretly fight some of Mexico's biggest, baddest wrestlers while trying to raise money for orphans.

The characters are bizarre and the costumes are hilarious. If you're a fan of Jack Black and his foolish antics or if you enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite you will definitely want to add this one to the collection. The film is a short 88 minutes so it is not overwhelming and does not run long enough to make viewers board.

It's terribly predictable but bizarre, outrageous, entertaining and requires absolutely no concentration. It will have you laughing!

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