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:: Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a funny, bizarre high school comedy, filmed in a rural area in Idaho, USA. Its main character, an afro-topped, skinny, buck-tooth yet interesting individual, named Napoleon. The movie is centred on Napoleon, who is frustrated with his environment and the people that seem to control his ever so simple world. The story is about his attempt to support his immigrant friend Pedro win class president. The high school reflects the typical relationships between snobs and geeks.

The movie's director and co-writer, Jared Hess, has done a fantastic job of giving this film a serious tone while webbing hilarious skits together with bizarre characters. The plot is slow paced which may annoy viewers, but does ensure that its funny bits including the ending have a more dramatic impact. Many of its laughs simply come from its characters looking absolutely ridiculous with 70's haircuts, mustaches and the infamous 80's American hammer pants.

Overall the film is funny but requires patience and a good sense of humour. The plot is not the film's source of humour; it's the vivid awkwardness of its incidentals.

DVD Extras

  • Director / Co-writer Producer and Actor Commentary
  • ‘The Wedding Of The Century!’ Making-Of Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes