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:: Not Quite Hollywood

Never before have I gone to see a documentary and then walked out of the cinema wanting to go and buy about forty DVDs of the movies spoken about in the doco. ‘Not Quite Hollywood’ is the debut documentary from writer/director Mark Hartley and explores the hidden world of Australian Ozploitation films that have a cult following among horror fans and were also a huge influence on Quentin Tarantino’s career.

Hartley has certainly done his homework on the topic of Ozploitation and interviews a variety of people, including well known actors, directors and film critics. Surprisingly he also gives equal screen time to people who can’t stand the genre. But of course the highlight of these interviews is the with the great Quentin Tarantino himself who openly talks about going to watch Ozploitation films in the US when he was a teenager. And you can’t help but feel a little proud to be Australian when he says that these films are better than the horror films that America were offering up to the world.

The biggest problem with ‘Not Quite Hollywood’ is that at times it does seem a little too flashy and the bombardment of film clips means that when actors and directors are talking about films you can lose track of which one they are talking about, and they simply just blur into each other. The other main problem is that for a doco it runs a good twenty minutes too long. Audience members find themselves tuning out and even getting uncomfortable in the cinema. On the brightside though this problem is clearly created by the fact that Hartley is a Ozploitation fanatic… so what better person to put this together? This is one documentary that is a joy to watch even though it does run a few minutes over what it should have done.

DVD Extras

  • Introduction by Quentin Tarantino
  • Commentary by filmmaker Mark Hartley and NQH participants
  • Audio interview with Richard Franklin
  • Deleted scenes / extended interviews
  • Ozploitation panel at MIFF
  • Trailer reel of featured films
  • Image galleries
  • Original theatrical trailer