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:: Oz - Complete First Season

A highly rated TV series drama wrapped around the lives of inmates in an American prison. The first series of Oz deals with controversial subjects and gives viewers a close eye into the taboo and unknown of prison with all its gory glory. The reality behind bars, depicting good vs evil, the good guys vs the bad guys. It is a story that demonstrates the fight over power, ego, survival and rebellion. Confronting the fears that speak to us most, such as dying, regret, addiction and surviving without a purpose or loved ones.

Like other HBO productions such as 'The Sopranos“ and "Sex in the City”, Oz strategically builds its characters past, present and future, revealing their deepest, darkest personalities as well as their weaknesses. This dynamic TV series is created in a way that allows you to view any episode and be able to comprehend where it is going, however with its dramatic ending will wet the appetite and hook you in for more.

Oz is strongly recommended for a mature audience as it contains graphic scenes of homosexuality, drugs, violence, course language and racial issues. Viewers will see many familiar faces from other TV series such as Law and Order, Lost, and The Sopranos.

Oz was showcased on television in 1997, and the DVD, which includes all episodes in the first series, will definitely be one for the collection.

DVD Extras

audio commentaries by the creators of the series
deleted scenes
music video
episodic previews