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:: Paranormal Activity 2

The budget was considerably increased for Paranormal Activity 2 after the cult success of the original film. Sometimes, this can be a recipe for disaster as money is thrown all around and the result is significantly diminished. In Paranormal Activity 2, however, it seems that the increased budget was mainly to increase the cast. This time around, the focus is on a family with a new-born and an older daughter, and rather than having one still camera and a handheld, the audience is privy to a half dozen surveillance cameras, adding to the desire for audiences to pick up on clues and spot creepy occurrences. Despite the budget affluence this time around, the power of the events has not been lost.

This film didn't add anything to the franchise, following the frightful recipe of the original. Sure, “Paranormal Activity 2” offers the same edge-of-you-seat anticipation, but, despite the addition of new characters, déjà vu is a common feeling. The picture stands as a prequel to “Paranormal Activity,” and it keeps the demonic terror in the family. Katie’s (Katie Featherston) sister Kristi (Sprague Grayden) lives a few miles down the road with her family. Kristi’s just given birth to a son with her husband Dan (Brian Boland). Upon their return from the hospital creepy things begin happening around the house. It begins with bumps in the night, but quickly escalates to spine-chilling dread in the house of Dan and Kristi, as they become prisoners to the evil force that is wreaking havoc. As the plot winds down, viewers are escorted to the end of the first film, and the storylines merge for an unbelievable ending.

The film stays close to what made the first one such a phenomenal word-of-mouth hit. That may make it infinitely more familiar than its predecessor, but it is still an engrossing and creepy experience superior to most horror movies. I'm surprised and pleased that this hasty follow-up does not disappoint. Once again, Paramount has spared the movie of many bonus features, something that has its reasons. The movie and its presentation are strong enough to consider buying anyway.

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