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:: Perfect Sisters

On January 18 2003, police receive a frantic 911 call from a distraught pair of teenage girls who report finding their mother drowned in the bathtub. The death is ruled accidental by the authorities but in the months that follow a dark and sinister story emerges. The girls have committed a sinister and cold-blooded murder, one planned well in advance and gossiped about on internet chat lines.

“Perfect Sisters” is an adult psychological drama, not a teen horror film. The bathtub scene doesn’t involve any blood. The purpose of this film is not to shock viewers into accepting cold-blooded murder. It’s to examine the unfolding tragedy of a once-perfect family that has fallen apart through alcohol, abuse, and neglect. I’m not saying that these seemingly perfect sisters were right to kill their imperfect mother. They weren’t. It also challenges viewers to re-examine the esteemed role of “mother.”

This is yet another movie that uses a true crime as its story inspiration. In spite of the involvement of some strong performers, the film’s approach was a little clunky.

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