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:: Picnic At Hanging Rock

A hauntingly beautiful film that helped put Australian films on the map in the mid-1970s.

Based on a novel by Joan Lindsay (and the story is fiction, despite what some may believe), director Peter Weir's second feature was a major breakthrough for his directorial career.
On St Valentine‘s Day 1900, a party from the exclusive girls’ boarding school Appleyard College set out to Hanging Rock, a strange volcanic formation. Three of the girls – Miranda, Marion and Irma – and Miss McCraw, the maths teacher, disappear without trace.

Picnic at Hanging Rock is a film about this mystery, but although we are given many clues and hints, the mystery is never solved. The film is more concerned about the effect of that mystery on those left behind. Atmosphere and mood are all-important: Weir, with the help of Russell Boyd's brilliant camerawork, a carefully controlled soundtrack and Gheorghe Zamphir's pan-pipe music, creates a mood that's both seductive and unsettling.

This is a special 2-disc Collector’s Edition only available in Australia.

DVD Extras

- Director’s cut
- New widescreen transfer
- “A Dream Within A Dream” an original feature length documentary
- “A Recollection – Hanging Rock 1900” on set documentary
- Joan Lindsay Interview
- Trailer collection
- Extensive photo gallery