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:: Plastic

Four young London men, seeing their future limited by poor job prospects, develop a cottage industry of cloning credit cards. When two of them extend their activity to stealing a briefcase from the accountant of a rather unsavoury gangster, the four of them find that they have inadvertently incurred a rather large debt which carries with it the promise of severe physical retribution. Their only hope is to recruit a young woman who works for a credit card company and go for the cards of big spenders.

The character dynamics in this tale (allegedly based on a true story) contain no surprises - we have the hero-type, his decent back-up guy, the dozy one, and the unreliable one. But the plot roams all over the place, and you are never quite sure how it is going to end up. The young cast does quite well.

It is quite enjoyable although I think some aspects of the story don't bear very close examination, and I can imagine that there are those who will be annoyed by it. There is a lot of swearing and a bit of nudity and drug taking. Oh, and of course there is a fair amount of violence and crime.