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:: Raising Helen

This story is about Helen Harris, a big-city girl working for one of New York’s hottest modelling agencies. Her life it turned up side down when her sister dies in a car accident. Taking over her sister’s three children and changing her life forever, Helen learns that being a mother means more to her than her previous life.

The biggest problem with this film is that it attempts to be a romantic comedy and family focused film at the same time. It seemed that the film should have either fully focused on the children and Helen or Helen and her love life. If not, there should have been a better blend to complement each other. What made this even worse was that there was a third focus, Helen and her sister. I think it would have worked well if they mainly focused on the family aspect of Helen’s life rather than introducing a love interest.

A fun-filled movie treat featuring several good acting performances, notably Joan Cusack, John Corbett, and Helen Mirren (Calendar Girls). Generally speaking though, the story is a good entertaining adventure filled with warmth, romance and laughter.

DVD Extras

Bloopers From The Set: Always a nice addition to any DVD, these are there to get a laugh. Definitely take a look at them.

Deleted Scenes: It was interesting to see which scenes they decided were not worthy for the final project.

Liz Phair “Extraordinary” Music Video: It is a cute addition to the DVD.

Audio Commentary With Director Garry Marshall and The Writers: If you are very interested in this film, I would suggest listening to the audio commentary. Garry Marshall always delivers a great commentary, and manages to do so completely in his batty uncle mentality. It’s not the deepest insight into American cinema, but it’s pretty entertaining to listen to, and you do pick up a nice tidbit or two from the behind-the-scenes working of the film.