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:: Red Mist

RED MIST is about a group of medical students whom like to party a lot and play pranks on one another and other people. One such prank puts the hospital janitor in a coma, where he almost dies. One student, Catherine Thomas (Arielle Kebbel) is upset and scared about the incident and tries to make the wrong thing right by injecting the man with an experimental drug that is thought to bring the brain back to life. With this mistake, Catherine has actually made scientific break though. While the doctor in charge is not happy with what she has done, he is pleased to see that the drug works. But the treatment has a brutal side effect that makes the brain go crazy and out of body experiences occur. Deadly and strange things begin to happen and the janitor starts to take revenge on the ones who pulled the prank on him. Catherine is the only one who knows the true nature of what has happened and is the only one that can stop what is happening.

The movie starts off very, very slow, and reminds of several other medical student horror films that seem to drag on forever. It not only into about an hour into the movie that the story starts to take shape and the real horror begins. The script lacks in character development as we're only given the present tense of what the character is all about and are never really given any information on their past. The film also takes this really bizarre jump of a plot twist where we find out what is really going on. But it's this last half of the movie that is the most brutal and most interesting.

The acting in the movie is not half bad, the performances are decent. But the effects and disturbing and bloody kill scenes are what give this movie its uneasy and horrifying effect. While the kills and gore are original in the film that really is the only thing the movie has to go on.

Overall, I can't say that Red Mist is a great movie, as the story does have its flaws here and there, but for the most part it has the elements of an original plot that wasn't exactly executed the right way. It's style is unique and interesting, and it does have some good horrific moments.

DVD Extras

the making of Red Mist
extended interview with actress Arielle Kebbel
featurette “The Red Mist” cast in Northern Ireland where the production was shot.