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:: Reign Of Assassins

John Woo’s latest action epic, REIGN OF ASSASSINS, has come to DVD. In ancient China, the assassin known as “Drizzle” is a prominent member of the deadly and ruthless Dark Stone Gang. But after a life of theft and murder, she decides to atone for her ways and leave the gang forever, doublecrossing them during a heist. “Drizzle” soon undergoes a drastic procedure to alter her appearance (ala Woo’s bombastic classic, FACE OFF), and changes her name to Jing (played by CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON’s Michelle Yeoh) to start a new life for herself in the capital.

Despite her new-found life as a shopkeeper and a blossoming romance with Ah-Sheng, the Dark Stone gang is hot on her trail: she alone holds the dangerous secret of the mystical Buddhist monk’s remains (which “Drizzle” stole during the original heist) that the Dark Stone gang so relentlessly pursue. Legend says that the possessor of the remains will gain mastery over an ancient and powerful martial art with which they could control the whole world.

Directed by legendary filmmaker, John Woo and the talented Chao Bin-Su, the film is a stylish ‘swords and sandals’ adventure that revisits the taut, over the top action style for which Woo is renowned. It also marks a return to the fold for iconic Hong Kong cinema star, Michelle Yeoh, whose ‘Wuxia’ swordplay finesse - made famous in CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON - is back here with a vengeance.

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