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:: Reno 911!: Miami

Based on the Comedy Channel's television series, it is difficult to translate into a full length feature film, but fans of the show will no doubt appreciate it. They will pick up on the characters who are well known to them, but they are of singular dimension in the film version where plot development and depth of character seem not prime requirements. The jokes are loosely held together without a strong linking story, nor indeed anything like clever scripting or sharp direction.

The humour is a basic down and dirty variety with a feast of flesh on display for endless jokes about sex. This is mixed with the slapstick disasters the dimwit cops from Reno create when they are put in charge of patrolling Miami to replace the regular police force immobilised in a terrorist attack. The Reno team come to Miami to take part in a police convention. Due to the terrorists, all those in the convention hall are locked down; only the Reno cops are left outside so they have to take on the duty of guarding the city - the result is organised chaos.

There are some funny moments however. Among many misadventures, the Reno contingent do battle with a sleepy alligator in a swimming pool, an exploding whale, and are repeatedly kidnapped by a torture loving gangster. But given the length of the film the jokes are too sparse for comfort.

DVD Extras

There are three audio commentaries - the first is with director/writer/actor Robert Ben Garant and writer/actors Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kenney-Silver about the making of the film.
The other commentaries are done by cast members in character. Deputies Junior, Wiegel, and Williams comprise the first character track, and Deputies Johnson, Jones, and Kimball the second.

The are six extended scenes, four playable with or without commentary from Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney-Silver, and Robert Ben Garant.

Four Public Service Announcements