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:: Restraint

Restraint follows the plight of two desperate and high-strung criminals, Ron and Dale (played by Travis Fimmel and Teresa Palmer). They've got a dead body in the trunk of their car, and Ron has shot a gas station attendant as well. To escape the inevitable manhunt, they find a lonely mansion to hide out in.

Unfortunately, this mansion is the home of Andrew (Stephen Moyer), a reclusive agoraphobic living off the wealth of his parents. They take him hostage and find the keys to his car. However, in an apparent attempt to stave off his own execution, Andrew convinces Ron and Dale that they could capitalize on his misfortune. The plot works, so Ron and Dale decide to stay at the mansion for a longer period of time to keep tapping Andrew for riches. However, Andrew seems to be hiding some secrets of his own.

Andrew seems to be taking a shine to Dale, as she works on her imitation of Andrew's fiancé to continue collecting the cash deposits from his account at the bank. The characters basically become a love triangle - or maybe quadrangle if you take into account the fiancé - and the plot becomes a clever exercise in who's-playing-whom.

The acting in Restraint is generally pretty good, with Teresa Palmer turning in the best performance as Dale. Despite the machinations of the plot and her character, she comes off surprisingly sympathetic, and a less-convincing actress would have bungled the role.

While it does have some faults, Restraint works fairly well, offering a number of tense scenes and a resolution that's satisfying despite being a bit ambiguous.

DVD Extras

• Interviews with Cast and Crew
• “Behind the Scenes of Restraint”
• Alternate Ending
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