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:: Robbie Coltrane: Incredible Britain

Well known Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane has had a well known love for classic cars and taking them for trips along the backwaters of the British Isles. To capitalise on that, in this unique travel experience, this DVD sees him hitting the road in a gorgeous vintage convertible Jaguar, travelling from London to Glasgow, stopping off along the way to meet all manner of eccentrics and experience some bizarre local festivals.

Coltrane drives his vintage Jaguar convertible on all the back roads. No motorways, no traffic jams, no fast-food pitstops, just rolling green hills and charming villages and eccentric locals. Coltrane doesn't make the trip all in one day, of course: he takes his time meandering along the 400 miles.

It is Coltrane himself, as a tour guide, that is captivating - he is wildly enthusiastic, self-deprecating about his own celebrity, and simply great company. He is a natural in this travelogue because many people like him. He finds a teenage wing-walker, a man who pops wheelies on a monster fire truck, a scarecrow convention, an occasional explosion, and more. You will never experience things seen here that are on the traditional tourist tracts.

Extras include a fun facts road map and a biography of the larger than life Coltrane.

DVD Extras

  • Biography of Robbie Coltrane
  • Fun Facts map