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:: Robin Williams: Live At The Met (2 discs)

This 2-DVD set contains an enjoyable, fast-paced dose of Robin Williams live at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. His zany, off-the-wall humour never ceases to amaze as he yells and swears his way through a series of crazy characters and improvisations that reflect that typical Williams hysteria.

Williams never ceases to amaze with his antics; quips, quotes, humorous outlook on all aspects of life, love and more. Sex, drugs, the birth of his child, all this is timeless, and we can all relate to him on these subjects. You will not be disappointed in this performance.

For the younger watchers, the political references of the times may confuse but the sentiment is spot on.

Off The Wall (1978)
Live and Uncensored (1982)
Live on Broadway (2002)
Weapons of Self Destruction (2009)

DVD Extras

Bonus Featurette: Robin Williams - The Voices Within