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:: Safe

Remember back in the good old 1980s and 1990s when action heroes never had to worry about be political correct or even batted an eyelid when they flew away a ton of innocent people while they were on a mission, well those days are back again in new action thriller Safe.Mei (Catherine Chan) is a young girl that has a skill that most gangsters would kill for. So imagine how valuable she becomes when she also holds the key to a very important secret.

Soon Mei finds herself at the centre of a war between the Triads, led by Han Jiao (James Hong) and a Russian crime syndicate run by Emile Docheski (Sandor Tecsy) and his son Vassily (Joseph Sikora). Throw in some corrupt cops like Captain Wolf (Robert John Burke) and the only person who can protect Mei is Luke Wright (Jason Statham) a man who has nothing to live for and has a score to settle with most of the men in the game.

Director/screenwriter Boaz Yakin is obviously a fan of older action movies, and it really shows. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Safe actually works. Yes there is a lot of mindless violence and a high body count but the characters of Mei and Luke are so well set up and written that you don’t want anything bad to happen even if that means Luke has to take out a restaurant full of people.

Yes, the story at hand is far-fetched but few filmmakers have the ability to set up suspense the way Yakin does and at the end of the day it is the well shot action sequences and the fact that you’re on the edge of your seat for a majority of the film that makes it a winner.

Safe once again shows why Jason Statham is the action hero of the new generation but even he is overshadowed by Catherine Chan who is faultless in her first feature film. There are no look-at-me moments just Chan shining in every scene she is in no matter what she is called upon to do. She is certainly one actress to watch in the future. There have been a lot of bad action movies made over the years, but Safe certainly isn’t one of them. Some great action sequences and a story that certainly keeps you entertained make for a great stylistic thriller.

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