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:: Saludos Amigos

Made in 1943 Saludos Amigos was the first of the so-called “anthology films”. This is a mixture of musical, comical animation and a cultural documentary of South America. It begins with live-action footage of the Disney team of artists going to South America, looking for inspiration. The sequences cover dances, geography, and wildlife, and are inter-mingled with animation. Donald Duck’s ‘Lake Titicaca’ is the best of the stories.
The animation will appeal to those who enjoy the classic cartoon Disney treasures, but probably lack the grand, cinematic flavour of the animated feature classics.

The actual running time of the film is 45 mins and the remainder of the DVD comprises a 33-minute travel featurette that provides more thorough documentation as seen by the Disney animators in their South American journey.
Other features:
Original theatrical trailer