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:: Sea Level

Bamboo shark, Pup lives a happy life with his friends and family under the sea, until one day something threatens to destroy his home. Watch as brave shark Pup embarks upon an adventure to save his reef and his family in Sea Level.

This underwater animated adventure tells the tale of one young shark’s mission to protect his family from ocean poachers who are destroying his reef. While playing with his sea friends one day, Pup discovers that poachers are stealing eggs from his ocean home. Pup’s quest to save his family from the poachers sees him venture out of his natural habitat and into the beautiful but dangerous human world for the first time.

This heart warming animated tale can be enjoyed by the whole family, with additional bonus features including a behind the scenes featurette, plus a closer look at the sculpture art and the concept art.

DVD Extras

• Behind the scenes
• Sculpture designs
• Trailer
• Concept art