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:: Sex And Fury

This would be one of the wildest, most violent and unbridled Japanese sexploitation pictures of the 1970s. A woman encounters the three villains responsible for her father`s murder and runs afoul of various yakuza members who want her dead. Revenge, violence, and, of course, sex run gleefully rampant through this long-overlooked action flick. The main player in the story is Ocho (Reiko Ike).

Ocho strikes hard, but she moves with a grace that belies the blood spilling across the scenes. One could say that this particular film is deemed a gory but beautiful piece of cinema.

The film is a classic entry of the 1970's Japanese sexploitation film, where movies had more going on than naked women and samurai swords. Sure this film has plenty of both, but there is an real elegance to the film, especially the action sequences. It's the type of film that Quentin Tarantino often refers to as an inspiration behind the Kill Bill films.

If you want to see action, sexy Asian girls, arterial spray and the lovely Christina Lindberg, then look no further. This is the one to get your friends into classic Japanese cinema from the 70's. Over the top madness, sexy, raunchy, lots of action and the gorgeous Ike Reiko make this one of the best films of the era. Not to mention, Christina Lindberg and the always wild Yoko Mihara are in the cast.

Sex and Fury is of course filled with violence. Severed limbs fly about and blood sprays all over the walls. Ocho must endure being chained up and whipped by Christina; bondage and S&M scenes are quite common in these films. Add to this mixture of sex and violence a decent soundtrack of rock music.

This is a very stylish sexploitation film. It is quite a wild ride too.

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