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:: Space-Thing

It is the year 2069 and space travel is commonplace. Technology has advanced to a dazzling level. A glance into the skies would reveal several crafts in the air and aliens are known to be all around the place, some even disguised as human beings. Such is the case for Colonel James Granilla who finds himself on the deck of a strange spaceship filled with women. These women are not the usual type either, as they have fantastic bodies and beautiful faces, and it seems as though they can't seem to keep their clothes on for long. Granilla is interested in these lovely ladies, but not in a normal sexual fashion. Instead, he seeks to gain as much information as he can and then return to his home planet. The girls want to have some fun with Granilla in many ways, but their leader has no intentions of allowing it. Captain Mother is their whip-toting lesbian leader and she doesn't like her girls playing with males. As time passes Granilla keeps making love to the ladies, but he misses his previous lifestyle and wife very much. How will Granilla free himself from this situation?

Well, what about that for a story? This film, Space-Thing, is an epic science-fiction film loaded with low budget greatness and a cast full of gorgeous naked women. If you're squeamish when it comes to female nudity, then forget it, as you'll see everything these young ladies have to offer. There's a reason this film fits into the exploitation genre and as such, easily offended viewers will not like this movie. This film isn't just nudity though, as you'll find a terrific science-fiction theme in there too.

This film was produced and co-directed by David F. Friedman, who was credited along with Byron Mabe under the name of B. Ron Elliott. Friedman is well-known in the field of exploitation cinema and this movie is a perfect example of his skills, as Space-Thing contains all the elements we expect from such a style. This is of course a low budget offering and, as such, the special effects and set designs aren't spectacular, but they merge perfectly into the film.

The audience will find some terrific bonus features on this disc. The main supplement is an audio commentary with producer/codirector David F. Friedman and a moderator from Something Weird Video. This is a loaded commentary and whether you're a fan of low budget cinema, or need some hints on how to make your own, this section has all the information you're looking for. Friedman shares various stories and secrets, making for an interesting and entertaining commentary. A selection of artwork from other sexploitation flicks has also been included, as well as the film's theatrical trailer.

DVD Extras

• Full Length Audio Commentary by David F. Friedman
• Archival Short Subjects
• Gallery of Exploitation Art
• Trailer